Maintaining your families’ health

Life is a lot easier when everyone enjoys good health. Looking after your own health is one thing but taking good care of your family and keeping a track on the health of several people at the same time is something different entirely.

We can’t account for everything and sadly we can’t prevent everything BUT we all know that there are many things we can do to protect ourselves and our loved ones.


Make sure that all family members are up to date with all vaccinations. If members of your family fall into the at-risk groups for Flu, ensure that you have taken advantage of the free Flu vaccine. I took our three year old along to our surgery a few weeks ago and the nasal vaccine was so quick and of course pain free. If you have family members that fall outside the entitlement to a free vaccine you may want to consider paying for one. Boots offer private immunisations and the Flu vaccine is £12.99 per person.


Ensuring that all family members stay adequately hydrated can be a real challenge, but it is so important to try. I try to make sure that everyone drinks well at breakfast to get a good start to the day before we all go about our days. The children take water bottles to school and I try to keep drinks in the car as well to top up when we are out and about and between after school activities.

Dental health

family health

I’ve written on the blog many times about tooth brushing and tooth care where children are concerned and shared tips for improving brushing routines. Swishing around a boring mouthwash is the last thing children feel like doing after lengthy tooth brushing sessions. So, make rinsing more exciting by introducing them to a brightly coloured bottle of Dentyl Active – a double action mouthwash composed of an antibacterial Cetylpyridinium Chloride (CPC) and natural essential oils that magically mix together and enable your children to see the pesky debris and bacteria they have cleverly removed once they spit it out in the sink. Dentyl Active can:

  • Help strengthen tooth enamel by replacing lost minerals
  • Help protect against acid erosion
  • Help tooth enamel become more resistant to acid attack

Healthy choices

green tea

There are lots of healthy choices we can make everyday from what we eat and drink, where we live, work and play and how much exercise we take. You can pack healthy lunchboxes for your children, use lean meats when cooking at home, get out and about together at the weekends and swap some of your normal foods and drinks for healthier alternatives. For example, tea and coffee drinkers could swap to drinking green tea, which is known for its antioxidants and ability to aid weight loss and improve brain function.

If you can’t stomach pure green tea, why not try a variation like the Apple Green Tea sold by Piacha? You can buy this as loose leaf or in bags and it tastes delicious. It’s actually the perfect warm drink for Autumn and Winter as it also has cinnamon in it, which always reminds me of the cold weather.


Prevention is always better than a cure. Topping up a healthy diet with vitamin supplements can be beneficial. That time of year is fast approaching where it’s more important than ever to look after your immune system, as even though you may not feel it, your immune system is working 24 hours a day and needs lots of nutrients to support it.

When you and your family need a helping hand, you could try NEW Redoxon® Triple Action effervescent tablets, which contain high strength vitamin D to help support the immune system, vitamin C which help you to feel energised, and zinc to help maintain your skin. The Triple Action formula is also available as gummies for children, so you can ensure the whole family are protected.


It is really easy to build these into part of your daily routine, for example bringing them in line with breakfast time can be a good way to remember then. Children love them and so do the grown ups, so this is a win/win situation in my book. Also, by drinking the effervescent tablets you are also encouraging yourself to drink more, which of course is a double bonus.


Things will always still happen no matter how much you try to protect your family. For the small things, it is worth having a few home heros on hand to help out. Products that are multi-purpose are always the best as these tick lots of boxes and are also great when travelling as a family. Nano Silver is the perfect product for using at home and when travelling or just out and about. It can be used by the whole family for a range of issues, including:

  • Stings and bites
  • Nappy rash
  • Burns
  • Sores and cuts
  • Tooth ache
  • Eye infections
  • Skin conditions
  • Mouth ulcers

family health

It’s compact, highly effective and doesn’t sting on application. In addition to treating all of the above, it also supports that much deserved “detox” helping to rid the body of harmful bacteria, fungi and viruses.

How do you keep your family healthy?

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