5 things that suck about summer

Although I would generally say that I am more a fan of winter, in that, if I had to choose between sun and snow I’d choose snow every time – I still love the sun on my face, the beach, meals outside, flip flops and being able to get the paddling pool out for the children.

Having said that, there are a few things that suck about summer:

  • Hay fever – I’ve had hay fever since I was 15. It was much better during each pregnancy but during the remaining summers I have always just wanted to take my eyeballs out, rinse them in cold water and pop them back in.
  • Cracked heels – during my pregnancies I developed a very bad cracked heel that still hasn’t cleared up. As much as I love flip flops, I don’t love flashing my heel.
  • Swimwear – not a fan. As much as I applaud the mums who have been doing their ‘proud in my bikini’ shots this summer it’s not for me. I hope that one day I will be happy to just potter around in swimwear but not right now.
  • Bugs in your drink – so your pour yourself a nice summer drink and when you next return to have a sip there is a bug convention going on in your glass and they are all using your tipple to practice their backstroke. Yuk!
  • There isn’t really a summer – I am convinced we don’t actually have four clear seasons anymore in the UK. Summer some years can be about 4 days long! I know the UK has a reputation for rubbish weather but I’m sure it didn’t used to be this bad.

At least I have fixed the bug problem now after purchasing these the other day.


What sucks for you about summer?

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