5 Tips to Help Keep Tables Clean With kids

Keeping things clean around the home is never easy with children around, the main family table is no exception to that. If you are having problems in keeping your table clean with your kids around, then worry not as you are not alone in dealing with that problem. 

If you want some practical and effective tips on how to keep your tables clean, then below are 5 tips that will guarantee a clean table despite having your children playing around:

Use a table protective cover

Tables are usually not just for dining. A lot of families use their dining tables as their study or work desk after dinner. For children, the spacious dining table can be the perfect place for their drawing and coloring activities.


If you want to protect your table from possible stains and scratches, then using a table protective cover will do the trick for you. Not only will you be able to protect your table from scratches, color stains, water spills, and food spoils, but you’ll also be able to preserve its’ original form and extend your table’s longevity. Table protective covers are made to be waterproof and stain-proof. They are usually coated with PVC or acrylic to make it easy to wipe. You can easily remove stains with just a wet cloth.

Use of oilcloth and PVC tablecloths

Oilcloth tablecloths and PVC tablecloths are both very effective table protectors and table covers. Oilcloth tablecloths are made from 100% cotton with flaxseed oil coating that makes it waterproof and stain-proof. While PVC tablecloths are made from plastic materials, they can also offer the same protection as oilcloth tablecloths. Both are very easy to clean and easy to use; choosing will only depend on the availability or design that one wants.

Check out a good PVC tablecloth website for their designs and shapes.

Always keep it clean

Make it a habit that your table is always clean and free from mess and unnecessary clutter. When your children see a clean table, they tend to think twice before trying to play on it and cause some dirty mess…although not always!

keeping your table clean

Train your children and lead by example

As early as now, constantly remind and train your children to help in keeping your table clean. Make them help with cleaning the table from time to time so that they realise its importance and how hard it is. You can also help them understand that having a dirty table can cause illness or damage your precious furniture.

It is also very important that you lead by example. Show your children that even you make an effort in keeping the table clean and well organised.

Putting a bin near the table

By putting a bin near the table, your family members and visitors can easily throw their mess into the bin, instead of leaving it on the table and possibly causing dirty stains or damage to your table. A bin with a cover is also more ideal as it can reduce odor and prevent insects from hovering around it.

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