A bit of Christmas magic

I am a big of Christmas magic (well all magic really) and every year I try so hard to keep the magic alive. It gets harder each year, but I’m determined that the odd ‘spoiler’ from school won’t dampen my enthusiasm or the children’s excitement.

Every year I get a little helping hand from The Portable North Pole (PNP) – have you ever tried it? It is really worth a look if you haven’t.


I absolutely love this service and I think it is such a simple but a really clever idea. PNP can help to keep the magic of Christmas alive in children for longer and that gets instant thumbs up from me!

There are loads of options to choose from and you can get carefully crafted videos that engage, surprise and keep children in suspense until the very end, these really are wonderful and unique to your child.

There’s a chance that using this service can help to encourage better behaviour as videos can be created with both a naughty or nice verdict – if they’re on the naughty list earlier in the year they can work on behaviour to ensure they end up on the nice list – this won’t suit every family but how many of you have threatened to ring the big guy himself and tell him your children have been misbehaving?

Free videos are available that come with five personalisations – so you don’t have to pay to enjoy the magic of PNP, although the premium service is fantastic.

Even fun grown-up versions are available for family, friends or colleagues that can be a little cheekier – these are brilliant and lots of fun in the run up to Christmas.

PNP donates 5% of all online sales to 40 children’s hospitals across the world – 4 based in the UK. This is an added bonus of the service and gives you the added feel good factor during the festive season.

Further content is also available such as online games, birthday and Christmas eve messages and even Portable North Pole Greeting cards which are available from Tesco and can be sent with a special personalised video message which is accessed by a unique code sent with the card.

There are so many options available, PNP is now a compulsory part of our Christmas preparations every year. I’m not sure what I did before I discovered PNP!

The service has improved hugely over the years, both in terms of the options available and also the skill of the system. A few years ago it kept getting one of the children’s names wrong but now the pronunciation is perfect. I love Santa’s voice, you can tell it’s the real Santa!

If you fancy splashing out on the premium service and the Gold Pass it is £10.99 – for that you and your family can enjoy:

  • Unlimited premium video messages – up to 15 personalisations per video
  • Unlimited calls from Santa
  • 1 free HD download to keep your special video from Santa

How will you be maintaining the magic this year?


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