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A Christmas Eve Night in with the Family idea? What if? Santa & Rudolf Puzzle

Christmas is a lovely time of year…mulled wine, the smell of pine needles, get togethers, gift giving, and magic but what is always the best is quality family time.

Do you have any Christmas traditions?

We would love to hear about them.

Perhaps you want to start some traditions but need some ideas?

What about doing a Christmas jigsaw as a family on Christmas Eve?

We love this What if? Puzzle by Ravensburger

Christmas Eve is a very busy night for Santa, as he drives the sleigh, scrambles down chimneys and delivers presents across the world. Rudolph reckons Santa has an easy time of it, eating mince pies and drinking sherry, whilst all he gets is a raw carrot. So WHAT IF Rudolph and Santa swapped jobs? And WHAT IF Rudolph really got stuck into his new role? The picture on this pack shows Rudolph’s usual situation. the puzzle inside the box shows what COULD HAPPEN if he changed jobs.

This is the ideal family puzzle as there really is something for everyone – this is a lighthearted, funny, engaging, colourful, and challenging puzzle that will hold the hole families’ attention! Brilliant to begin a Christmas Eve puzzle tradition.

You can pick one of these up for £11.99

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