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A different approach to weaning

When I had my first baby  8.5 years ago I read and read and read about weaning. What to do; what not to do;what was good; and what was bad; which spoons I should use; and which  I shouldn’t; and if it wasn’t homemade and 100% organic it wasn’t going anywhere near my daughters’ lips.

Annabel Karmel was theguru of baby food as far as I was concerned and I lovingly prepared batches of purees to freeze for my daughter despite working full time.

Fast forward 21 months when I had another little person in my life and my approach was much the same. The only real  difference was that I didn’t beat myself up if every single thing  wasn’t organic.

The wasted time and food was phenomenal. This process would literally take me hours and hours every  week.

Much of it was wasted time because a lot ended up on the floor and some of the purees they didn’t like.

Was it worth it?

Probably not I decided five years later when I was ready to begin solids with my next little man.

I still wanted to make my own food and I still wanted the bulk of what he ate to be organic but I came up with what I thought was a more sensible idea.

I purchased a range of Ella’s Kitchen pouches which are 100% organic. Just one pouch of each . My idea was to try them all and work out what he liked and what he didn’t before I made lots of things and froze them.

I found this to be a much better approach. Once i knew what he liked I then purchased a fill n squeeze  set to make my own pouches for the fridge and freezer. This meant the bulk of what he ate was still homemade but I had the convenience of the pouches for on the go and out and about feeding.

My youngest turns 6 months this week so I will be starting the process with him. I intend to follow the same more relaxed approach and begin by trying flavours from the Ella’s Kitchen range before I set about on a pureeing mission of my own.

Show me the food Mummy…I’m ready!

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