A different kind of pet

You might have read my article a while back on “Getting a pet for your child the how NOT to guide” – do your children have pets?

Wild Pets have a range of toys available, which are very life-like yet clearly much lower maintenance than the real things. Take this guy below:

  • Feels and moves just like a real spider!
  • With touch sensors so you control the behaviour of the spider!
  • 3 modes including creep mode, explore mode and attack mode
  • With colour changing LED light up eyes to indicate what mode your spider is in
  • Four different characters to collect

If your children are into practical jokes then this is the ideal gift for them – this looks so life-like, especially in the evening when the lights are dimmed!


We have some quite large spiders in the house as it is, so this guy should feel right at home. This one crawled across my foot last night…and yes it was greeted with a loud scream!


Although a little too life-like for me Wild Pets are quite impressive – their behaviour is controlled by your child’s touch. When they leave them alone the spider creeps around in a small area. They feel very real to the touch and from a distance a visitor might well think a pet had escaped from it’s tank!

I can see these being popular at Christmas this year.

Do you scare easily? I’m not keen on spiders but it is mainly snakes I struggle with.


  1. Im not a hater of spiders, but must say, i wouldnt be impressed if my little one wanted one of these 🙂 i do like the idea of the colour changing lights. think it would be used to scare family members more than as a pet 🙂

  2. Some are dreaming of a dog or cat for years, and when they finally get a pet, they start to regret their dream: some owners aren’t ready for the responsibility, and others simply can’t get along with their pets.Dog Car Seat Cover

  3. I struggle with cockroaches !panic mode on sight ! Can handle spiders and other creepy crawlers !

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