A family day out: The Deep

With the holidays fast approaching, perhaps you have started to think about planning some days out in the holidays or perhaps you are looking for a rainy day option for the weekend?

It is worth checking out The Deep – This is thought to be one of the most spectacular aquariums in the world… and it is here… in the UK!

The Deep is for conservation not profit as well so you can be sure your entry fee is going to good use and what’s more, there is a great view of the water and the Humber Bridge.

Staff are friendly and well informed and there is plenty to see and do for the whole family.

The aquarium takes you on a journey through time to discover what swam in the ocean many years ago. The whole display is put together with considerable thought and dedication to detail.There are a range of interactive encounters along the way to hold the interest of all age groups in your group.

We think this would make a superb school trip venue!

To begin the journey you are taken up to the top of the building in a lift and then you gradually spiral down the impressive structure on your way through time learning about the ocean and all who swam in it.

We were fascinated by this Megalodon … a shark of the past who grew to 20 metres!

http://www.thedeep.co.uk/uploads/images/fact-awakening.jpg logo
The demonstrations were informative and there was an opportunity to touch the creatures, just look at this stunning starfish!

There were some pretty big sharks swimming around like the one below! The viewing opportunities were really good and you could get a pushchair or wheelchair right up to the tanks which was really good.

There are lots of interesting facts to learn along the way and some things to test your knowledge.

Some of the creatures were stunning – in particular this starfish!

The Deep is also home to some gorgeous penguins…this one is called Fiona! They all have little arm bands on with their names. They live in the Kingdom of Ice. This £750,000 exhibit gives you fantastic views of the gentoo penguins, both underwater and on land and is the only location in the North of England where you can see these beautiful creatures.

Their new home runs over three floors and features a swimming pool, diving pool, beach area, nesting area and the penguins’ very own outdoor balcony with views overlooking the River Humber.The exhibit has been created with the penguins’ comfort in mind!
This exhibit forms part of The Deep’s new conservation initiative called ‘Project Penguin’, and will help us to raise money for vital research work in the wild to help protect endangered penguins.
Gentoo penguins can grow up to 80cm in height and are the third largest species of penguin. They are the fastest swimming penguins and can reach amazing speeds of 36kph and are able to dive down to 170 metres.

http://www.thedeep.co.uk/uploads/images/fact-kingdom.jpg logo
There was so much to see that the time flew past, it was a real education being at The Deep and although we learnt a great deal we won’t be able to retain it all. We would certainly visit again and try to cover the things we missed first time around.

The jellyfish were mesmerising! They were fascinating to watch and very photogenic!

http://www.thedeep.co.uk/uploads/images/fact-deep-blue.jpg logo

We thought The Deep was very family-friendly. They have really thought about the needs of families when developing the attraction. The wide walkways make it easy to navigate with a pushchair and the lifts enable access to all floors. They have plenty of toilets and baby changing facilities, including this one below which was a fantastic idea… just tucked away in a corner during the tour.

There is a small soft play area, allowing younger visitors a chance to burn off some energy and plenty of high chairs and family-friendly meals in the restaurant, which has an amazing view by the way!

The car park is pay and display and the only disappointing thing was the lack of parent and child spaces. Getting a car seat out of the car was a bit of an issue.

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