A hat for every winter occassion

I’ve always loved a good hat.

I have loads of hats but I’ve never found them that practical with little ones around as they are fascinated with them and pull them straight off or want to wear the hat themselves.

A good beret tends to work the best I find, as they stay put quite well.

Joe Browns seem to have a hat for every winter occasion in this seasons brochure. Have a look at some of these below – which is your favourite?

HA327 HA333A HA547A HA551A HA552A HA557A HA577A HA582A

These range in price from £7.95 to £29.95 depending on which one you fancy but there is probably one to suit every mood and style here don’t you think? I feel like I should cook Christmas Dinner in the elf hat perhaps and I’m thinking the purple hand knit button hat is the new school run hat.

The children all love hats as well and we have managed to loose two this week due to the wind here which is a bit full on at the moment. Perhaps the reindeer hat would solve that problem as we could tie it on?

There are benefits to wearing hats of course that go beyond a like for them or a fashion statement – they are an excellent way of hiding a bad hair day!

Are you a hat person?

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