A home spa experience for your mini divas

Do you live with a little diva?

Or perhaps a mini-me who enjoys pretending to be a big girl?

My 8 year old is very interested in nails and hair and make up and during the holidays she likes to play around with all of these things.

Nail care is probably her favourite thing and she loves to try different nail polish colours and gems etc. During play dates the nail varnish always gets a look in with her friends!

I thought she might like the Orbeez Hand Spa from Character Options – this is priced at £19.99 and requires 4 AA batteries which you will have to purchase in addition. This is aimed at girls 5+ which is about right I think, but you will need to keep this away from any smaller children.

Girls will love the fact that they can have a home ‘spa’ experience with this set. It has a whirlpool of swirling Orbeez plus a 3 in 1 hand and nail care tool!

Little girls can relax their hands under a cascading waterfall, as the Orbeez swirl around creating a soothing sensation! They can follow this up with the 3 in 1 tool which provides tools for buffing, massaging and cuticle care! This works really well!

The set comes with 600 Orbeez.

47296 Orbeez Hand Spa FPS

You need to pre-soak the Orbeez so don’t let your daughter get too excited too quickly and then be disappointed. You MUST soak them in a separate container! If you don’t  little tiny pieces of the gelatin can get into the vents inside the spa. Also, pop a towel down underneath as well, you don’t want them sticking to anything as spillages are inevitable. 

Lots of fun but supervision required!


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