A parents guide to school plays and concerts

It’s that time of year again when our little darlings are all frantically rehearsing for their school concerts and plays. Any parent with a child who has been in school a few years will be very familiar with this, but if you have a new starter you might be wondering what to expect, so here are a few things to bear in mind:

Stick Man Book Cover

  • There can’t be 30 Marys and Joseph so be prepared for your little one to come home telling you they are a sheep or stick man or worse and have the appropriate response ready
  • Be prepared to help with lines and learning songs
  • Be prepared to have the same songs sung at maximum volume on the school run and late at night for at least a month beforehand
  • Be prepared for the parents of Mary and Joseph or Snow White and The Huntsman if that’s how the school roll, to share their childs’ lead role with the world multiple times a day
  • Be prepared to respond swiftly to bizarre costume requests at short notice
  • Take a proper camera with a good zoom, this is much better than most phones
  • Be prepared for a queue similar to that outside Next the morning of their Boxing Day sale, in order to get a front row seat
  • Ignore said queue, relax and instead of committing a crime in order to bag yourself a front row seat, simply stand at the back or side – you will see much better (especially when people start to stand to take photos)
  • Enjoy the show!

This year we have one narrator and one angel and two mini spectators – how about you?


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