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As a child, one of the products I remember having around the home were Milton tablets. The packaging was very recognisable, meaning that at the point that I had my first baby and was shopping for essentials it was a brand I instantly recognised.

Fast forward nine years and Milton products are still a regular in our home and remain products that I trust.

Probably the most useful of the Milton products are the Milton Antibacterial wipes, which have been recently improved. The new formula is now totally rinse free and food safe, this means parents can use it to wipe clean soothers, teats, teething rings plates and cutlery without worrying about the need to rinse afterwards.


The ‘Antibacterial Surface Wipes’ are alcohol based; the active ingredient is ethanol, which is now used in a higher concentration of 66.01% (previously 36.17%). This makes the wipes effective on viruses including Rotavirus, which is responsible for gastroenteritis. The wipes continue to be effective on bacteria and fungi.

The formula is bleach free, preservative free and fragrance free, they kill germs quickly and leave no residue or odour so they are perfect for disinfecting babies small accessories as well as their general environment including high chairs, potty’s, changing mats, car seats, buggy chairs/handles and surfaces within the home.

The pack has also been made smaller and only weighs 40 grams, making it easier for parents to take them out and about with children.  You can just pop them in a change bag or picnic bag, or leave a pack in the car. The wipes are also made of 100% biodegradable fabric of natural origin, which gives extra piece of mind when you are out and about.

Milton has been giving parents peace of mind with effective sterilisation solutions for over 65 years. The Milton Method of cold water sterilising in just 15 minutes has won numerous awards and still favoured by midwifes today.

The Milton Antibacterial Wipes have a RRP of £2.35 and are available at Boots, John Lewis, Mothercare, Ocado, Superdrug and Tesco as well as many independent pharmacies and nursery retailers.

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  1. keep bottles, teethers, etc sterilized. Also clean toys regularly – platic can be washed and most soft toys can go in the washing machine.

  2. Get down to your baby’s level so you can see things from their view – often there are thing’s they’ll go for that you wouldn’t notice otherwise (for us it was the pet food!!)

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