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A stress-free start to your holiday

Travelling can be stressful and if you have young children this can add to the pressure. Airports, although better than they used to be aren’t always the best places for families to relax before a long flight and let’s face it…it would be nice to start the holiday off with smiles all round right?

If you are flying with Virgin from either Manchester or Gatwick it is well worth checking out what their V-rooms have to offer.

You are met by lovely staff who welcome you into their vibrant lounge and make you aware of everything on offer: complimentary WiFi and laptops; TV; kids TV room; games consoles; beautifully prepared food and drink; play area for the kids, papers to read, comfy seating and even table football.

The lounge in Manchester is quite simply divine and the staff there are a credit to Virgin.

If you are going to be flying from Manchester with your family I suggest you look into the V-room  because it can help get your holiday off to a great start. The range and quality of food is exceptional, the environment stimulating for the children yet relaxing for parents and there is plenty to keep you hydrated before your flight.

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