A word about socks

Socks on a newborn… total nightmare! When our newest little man isn’t wearing an outfit with in-built feet in it I am so tempted not to bother at all. That is however a dangerous game as it opens you up to a rampage of abuse from on-lookers who consider you a bad parent for not putting socks on your little ones feet!

I have extensively researched and sampled the newborn sock market and come up with a brand which does the trick a treat! ‘Trumpette Socks’ – firstly, I love the name and secondly these socks are super cute and come in a range of colours and patterns, some are even made to look like trainers.

But before I get too carried away on the cute factor, the most important thing is that these socks stay on his feet! No longer am I creating a trail of newborn odd socks around the house.


I think it can’t just be me who finds this whole sock thing annoying… one mum I spoke to at school said she buys new socks every week as they are constantly getting lost.

I have a “three wash rule” with socks. If after a wash I have odd socks, I put them back in with the next wash to see if they can find their mates. If after three washes the other missing sock has not appeared they get condemned to the bin or if they are lucky the craft draw for sock puppets!

How do you handle the sock thing?

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  1. They sound great! We didn’t have to worry when my daughter was really little as she was on NICU for a few weeks – it’s so warm in there! After that the best ones we had were some little converse socks my MIL had bought for her. When it comes to adult socks I’ve given up on pairs. All my OH’s socks are the same (plain black or plain white) so he can just choose from the sock bundle. 😉 #effitfriday

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