An Italian holiday with children

If you’re looking for the perfect child-friendly family vacation, Sicily is the place to go. Filled with the best beaches in the world and spectacular natural preserves (without including the ancient temples and monuments, cathedrals and churches going back 3000 years) Sicily provides fun and adventurous activities for children of all ages as well as adults.

Due to the fact that there is sometimes an unreliable public transportation, and the fact that many treasure spots in the mountains or by the coast are only reachable by car, luxury car hire services in Italy like are a great choice thanks to its wide selection of family vehicles with 4-7 seats and extra luxuries to keep your little ones entertained and make your trip more comfortable.

family holiday in italy

The friendliness of the locals towards children will make a special impression on your trip, considering the high level of respect for family values that have endured over the generations. Sicilians love children, and this reality is greatly expressed in the local attitude of parents who let their children play in piazzas or run around by themselves in the streets. You can also start teaching your kids basic Italian words and phrases using The Intrepid Guide, the best guide to learn Italian so that they can somewhat communicate with the locals and have a great experience in Italy.

There are wonderful amusement and adventure parks spread throughout the island: Etnaland by Mt. Etna with its roller-coasters, acqua-rides and theme-based attractions (including dinosaurs), the Aretusa and Parcallario Water Parks, Acquasplash, the adventure parks of Etna, Monte Rossi and Nebrodi, events like the colourful kite festivals held at the beaches of San Vito lo Capo, Cefalù and Favignana, and exciting water sports by the beach resorts of Taormina and along the Agrigento coast.

The Teatro dei Pupi (Palermo, Catania and Syracuse) offers the best folkloristic theatrical display of puppet plays aided by the inter-generational expertise of local puppet masters. Hike or trek up to the crater of fuming Etna, visit the Saracen castles and those by the towns of Erice and Enna- without forgetting the 5th Century B.C. Temples of Vulcano, Juno, Concordia, Hercules and Olympian Zeus at the Valley of the Temples (Agrigento) where your children can let their imagination roam in the ancient world of Greco-Roman mythology: the age of dragons, wizards and gods. There is also the world famous Tropical Marine Aquarium of Syracuse, filled with hundreds of species of fish and plants displayed in their native African and Mediterranean habitats.

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