An open letter to the hospital porter

Dear hospital porter,

No one likes going to stay in hospital, and as a parent it’s always a million times worse when you are there because your child is ill.

It’s a stressful, upsetting and unnerving time for a parent, so random acts of kindness go a long way.

Now clearly I’m eternally grateful to all the medical staff that helped my child. I don’t know how they do what they do every day. I don’t know how they hold it together seeing the things they see and dealing with so many poorly children and their families. They are incredible people.

I hadn’t appreciated until now however, the huge difference that other staff can make to the hospital experience.

When you met us in A and E I had a very poorly boy. I watched you wheel him to the ward with care. That put me at ease. In the few minutes we were waiting in the ward you talked to me with the kindness and compassion of a friend and shared with me your daughters’ own recent stay in the ward. You were calm, concerned and real.

hospital stay

When I bumped into you in my frenzy to find the canteen the next day, totally disorientated and not a clue where I was because a) I hadn’t paid attention to the route on the previous night and b) because I was in a rush to get back to my son – you calmed me down, asked about him with genuine interest and sent me in the right direction.

And yet, when I looked up the job description of hospital porter Google told me this:

“A porter is someone who supports patients in hospital by helping them move around between different wards. In this job, you would be responsible for taking patients to and from appointments. This role is varied and porters help ensure that hospitals run smoothly.”

Every day people like you go above and beyond their job description. I don’t know if anyone ever says thank you but I wanted to. From the bottom of my heart.

I want you to know that you make a difference.


  1. The porters that have wheeled my children and I around the hospital have always been great and helped put us at ease during those nervous moments, wondering what to expect on the next ward.

  2. Awww. This is so true! I’m always very mindful to say thank you to porters, and have yet to meet one that isn’t lovely. I’ve been in hospital a lot (both for myself and my little people) I hope your little one is ok and recovering well x

  3. ‘An open letter to the hospital porter’this really Lovely my friend Just broke he foot the and the Porter was more helpful then the the staff them self .Porter come in ever day and put smile on he face and always Offered Him food water and told him Jokes I thought was Lovely

  4. I agree my son from an infant was in and out of hospital due to epilepsy and other healthissues the doctors and nurses couldn’t of been better

  5. Lovely post! I work in a hospital myself and know that the support staff like porters often get overlooked in the importance of their role and how much they can make a difference to patients and families and visitors. #sharewithme

  6. My dad always said be nice to people like porters, security staff, receptionists etc at work and elsewhere. All the things they did were vital and could make so much difference to your day. I’ve boggled at how rude people can be to support staff whilst being delightful to the “important” people.

  7. Aww! How lovely….
    When my girls were in hospital having open heart surgery it was the same porter who took us down to theatre both time….He was fantastic and a great support.
    They really are underrated members of staff in the NHS x

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