Avoiding “system overload” in little people

I’ve eaten a wheat free diet for almost 15 years now. Wheat and I just don’t get along. We probably never did but it took me a while to realise that. I used to feel like I was walking around with one of those weighted balls you get in the gym lodged in my stomach.

Although none of the children seem to have a particular issue with wheat, my eldest did used to get quite bloated as a toddler if she had too much. I am also conscious that their little systems work more effectively when they have a good balance and aren’t overloaded with a particular ingredient or food group.

Too much wheat and gluten certainly leaves their systems a bit clogged up and can make the little ones quite constipated so I try to substitute some things on a regular basis.

They will often eat things like a wheat free lasagne or wheat free pasta in other dishes. They have things like rice cakes much more often than crackers and other similar things and if they have little cakes or biscuits I like them to have a mix of things containing wheat and those that don’t.

I feel as if this just takes some pressure off their little tummies and means they can still enjoy a treat without suffering later.

Mrs Crimbles have a range of sweet treats that are great for those trying to avoid wheat and gluten. From flapjacks to chocolate brownies, to macaroons and these yummy Madeline cakes with a chocolate filling, there are all sorts.

2016-04-29 16.17.11_resized

They also stock a range of free from home bake mixes and savory snacks as well which can be great substitutes. When we bake flapjack or chocolate brownies we normally make wheat free ones, just to avoid little system overload.

2016-04-29 16.24.43

When we bake we also use things like sugar alternatives. I really like the Sukrin range, especially for making icing for the tops of cupcakes and things. I like the children to eat well but I always think that totally banning things only leads to greater curiosity and a desire to overload at parties and things. I’d rather they have a balance and substitute things where I can.

What’s your approach to your child’s diet?


  1. I do eat gluten good but have cut bsck as it does seem to bloat if I eat too much SUKRIN sounds wonderful -not tried it yet but I will be

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