Best family cars to finance

With all the stresses of modern family life, choosing a new family car can be a time-consuming and costly process; but it doesn’t have to be! If you finance a car , you can easily drive away in a perfect family car, that you may not have been able to afford before. So to make things even easier, we’ve had a look at some of the best family cars that you can get on finance.

Ford Focus

If you’re looking for a car that ticks every box, and performs well as a family car, then the Ford Focus is a great choice. It’s fun to drive, sufficiently practical, and comes with a good amount of safety kit as standard. When driving, the handling is super smooth and refined. However, the boot is a little on the small side, and the cabin quality isn’t anything spectacular. A good car to choose if you’re not sure what you’re looking for in a family car, yet want something that performs well in all areas.

Skoda Octavia

When looking for a family car, is your main concern safety? If the answer is yes, then the Skoda Octavia is definitely the car you want to go for. Standard safety equipment includes 7 airbags as standard, and rear and side airbags if you want them too. As well as this, you get a decent amount of space in the cabin, and it’s easy to get comfortable in too. Although the Octavia may not be the most stylish car around, it’s superb if you’re looking for space, safety and comfort.

Honda Civic

If you’re in need of a family car that is both economical and kind to the environment, the Honda Civic is just that. One of the best aspects of the Civic is its diesel engine, which offers both great performance and economy, but there’s also a good range of strong engine to choose from, which are all incredibly efficient. Unfortunately, the steering, interior quality, space and refinement aren’t as good as many other cars in its class.

Kia C’eed

For those of us sticking to a strict monthly budget, expensive cars are not a practical choice. So the Kia C’eed is a great compromise. Not only does it make for a great family car, but it’s also a cheap car finance option too. The C’eed really is brilliant value for money, considering what’s included. It has a nice quality cabin with a good amount of space, and decent kit as standard too. Of course it’s not as refined a drive as the other cars on our list, but you’ll be guaranteed to save some money.

Kia Ceed 2012 in Black

Citroen Grand C4 Picasso

Struggling for space will be a thing of the past with the Citroen C4 Gran Picasso. So if you have plenty of family members, and need an airy and spacious cabin, then the C4 Picasso won’t disappoint. The interior is one of the most spacious and practical in its class, and the visibility and spec are fantastic. Classed as an MPV, the C4 Picasso is a highly practical 7-seater, so there’s plenty of space for the whole family. On top of this, the running costs are low, and the cabin is surprisingly stylish.

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