The big blogiversary giveaway: day thirty

Although Mummy Fever has been around for quite a while now, it is a year since the new look blog emerged and things really moved on. As a result of this we are only really celebrating the first anniversary of this side of Mummy Fever.

As part of this celebration we are bringing you lovely readers a month of giveaways. Each day during March we will be launching a new giveaway and on the final day of the month there will be a bumper list of prizes on offer for one lucky winner.

Each giveaway will run for two weeks so you will have plenty of time to enter.

There are some great brands taking part and these are some of our favourites, so we hope you enjoy the prizes.


Good luck from all of us!

Today we are giving you the chance to win a children’s tennis set.

Pharmaton Active Life, the official multivitamin and minerals of British Tennis has teamed up with British Tennis and Aegon Davis Cup captain Leon Smith to launch the Ready to Play campaign, which aims to encourage parents to get their children into tennis.

As part of the campaign, Leon Smith has filmed a series of 12 short videos that introduce simple games for parents to play with their children.  The fun and engaging videos aim to give parents the ideas and inspiration to teach their kids the basic skills needed for tennis, such as hand-eye coordination, accuracy and ball control.  The games require minimal time and equipment, can easily be done at home, and can be adjusted to suite different ages and abilities.


Leon Smith says: “Britain winning the Davis Cup for the first time since 1936 is a fantastic launch-pad to get more people interested in playing tennis.  This campaign focuses at grassroots level and will, I hope, help arm parents with the knowledge and confidence they need to teach their children important skills for tennis and beyond.  I also hope it will encourage parents to spend valuable time playing with their children – as a dad of three, I know it can be tricky to find the time but incredibly rewarding and beneficial when you do.”

Research by One Poll on behalf of Pharmaton Active Life found that over three quarters (78%) of parents would like to encourage their children to try a new sport, whilst 40% feel they could do more to encourage their children to be active[i].  Parents felt health improvements, learning discipline and understanding a better sense of teamwork were the key benefits of children doing more exercise.

Visit for more information about The Ready to Play campaign and the Pharmaton 30-day challenge.

[i] Research comissioned by Boehringer Ingelheim on 2000 parents. Survey conducted by One Poll.

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The big blogiversary giveaway: day thirty

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  1. Yes we did it on holiday one year – my son loves watching the tennis with his grandad so he would love this!

  2. My nephews and niece love to play games, including tennis, in the garden. This would be a fantastic set for summer time 🙂

  3. I once bought my grandsons a set they had hours of enjoyment out of it and it’s fab excercise

  4. Mine have never played actual tennis, but they do love the swing ball set we have in the garden!!!!!

  5. It’s not something we have played much as a family but it would be really interesting to try it!

  6. My little fella has had a go at swing ball tennis in the back garden and he really enjoyed it. I think it was because it let him ‘swing away’ in total abandon hitting something that he wouldn’t get told off for? 😉

  7. We’ve never played before but would enjoy trying ti with them, can imagine it being great fun.

  8. Have your children ever played tennis? Is this something you would be keen on? . . . .. Not yet as they are just coming up to the age where l’m sure they would enjoy it

  9. My two older children love tennis. I would love to introduce my two younger children to the sport too!

  10. My son has played swing ball, does that count? I loved tennis as a kid & I’m hoping my son will love it too 🙂 x

  11. we love tennis but they dont play properly – just bash each other with racquets

  12. Yes, a great game for the family once they can hit the ball with the racket. Sometimes it takes a long time coming 🙂

  13. We’ve only played it in the back garden but I think she’d love playing at a club as she’s very sporty.

  14. My 11 year old son is tennis crazy. He really got into the sport last summer and he now loves playing with his friends

  15. No they haven’t, I’d like Melody to start but the nearest free tennis that’s running is too far for me to take her

  16. They are just four, but very sporty and love any sport, so this would be an ideal time to start them on tennis.

  17. My eldest enjoys playing with a racquet and ball in the garden but has never tried proper tennis. I think he’d love it.

  18. my children haven’t yet but now the weather is getting better it is something I think we could all enjoy

  19. Last few summers my three kids and I loved tennis but the contents of my shed was stolen so we won’t be playing this summer.

  20. No, but my daughter has asked,I told her to wait till summer, I’m very keen on my kids trying different things.

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