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Boosting children’s health and development

As much as I am fortunate that my children all eat a balanced diet and a variety of fruits and vegetables I am still a big fan of supplements.

Supplements are just that…they should ‘supplement’ a good, balanced diet, not act as a filler for something that is not present in the diet.

I have always taken supplements myself and in particular I have always been keen on the use of fish oil supplements.

Fish oils have many benefits, such as supporting healthy brain and eye development and supporting a healthy heart. In children these supplements can also contribute to improved learning and behaviour.

I have always found giving fish oils to the children a problem because they can’t bear the taste or the after taste the supplements leave behind… “Mummy this is gross” is normally the cry I hear !

These BIOmega-03 supplements are a great discovery as they have a lovely lemon taste. You certainly won’t be battling to get these into the children, rather, you will be hiding them away to stop them having too many.

These are suitable for children 4 and over. You can either add them to yoghurt or a drink or they can just chew them.

Product Image: Omega 3 for Kids

Do you give your children supplements?

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