Changes to Christmas spending

Do you think that your Christmas spending habits have changed over the years? Perhaps since having children? Do you spend more or less than you used to? I definitely think more about what I spend on Christmas and I tend to plan quite a way in advance, so if I see something I will get it at the time and put it away, especially if it is on sale, as then come Christmas time there is a lot less to purchase.


With Christmas approaching fast, a survey conducted by an online voucher codes website, My Voucher Codes, has found that 42% of people are trying to save money wherever they can during the festive season this year. Those polled said that they were buying less because of the ongoing uncertainty of the Brexit and the weak pound pushing up food prices, with some stating that they were waiting till the last minute to see if they could get a better deal.

Have you been actively trying to save money this festive season, or are you not too concerned about this?


The survey, looked into the spending habits of Brits at Christmas and how it differed from last year. The survey polled 2,300 UK residents and asked, ‘How has your Christmas spending changed this year?’ 55% stated that their spending had not changed, while a staggering 42% admitted that they were trying to save money.

The full results are below and make for quite interesting reading:

How has your Christmas spending changed this year?

  • It hasn’t – 55%
  • I’m trying to save money wherever I can – 28%
  • I’m waiting for the sales – 8%
  • I’m buying less to offset price increases – 6%
  • I haven’t thought about Christmas shopping – 2%
  • I’m increasing my spending – 1%

Those who stated that they were trying to save money were asked why; with some of the most popular answers being “we’re buying less to offset price increases”, “I’m waiting for the sales to save money” and “we’re spending less because of the ongoing uncertainty of the Brexit with regards to job security and wages”.

My Voucher Codes were also keen to find out how people were paying for Christmas this year. When asked: ‘How are you paying for Christmas this year?’ the responses were as follows:

  • My pay check – 56%
  • Credit Cards – 30%
  • An overdraft – 10%
  • Borrowing from friends or family – 3%
  • Looking at getting a loan – 1%

Staggeringly, 27% of those polled admitted that they leave their Christmas shopping to the last minute, with 15% of those panic buying just a couple days before Christmas. What is your approach to Christmas shopping? I’m normally pretty organised, but after feeling fairly organised in October this year, I now realise I was not as organised as I thought and feel as if I’ll be doing a bit of last minute stuff this year.

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Christmas can be a really expensive time of year, but there are plenty of ways to save money. You can buy in the sales, buy gradually throughout the year, save up vouchers, take advantage of 3 for 2 offers and so on. The most important thing is to be with the people we care about after all.


  1. I took full advantage of the Entertainer penny sale. Usually, I find the toys a bit naff when they do that but I got some good bits for my daughters stocking by doing this xx

  2. We agreed with close friends and family ages ago not to buy each other presents, as it becomes a pain as you get older. And the older you get, the less you seem to need so it becomes really difficult.
    We just concentrate on buying for any friends and family’s children, and even now are finding they prefer money so they can save for things!!!

  3. My siblings and I decided to only buy for the children. I put money aside throughout the year and I use a cash back website to get myself a little back.

  4. We planned far in advance for Christmas this year in order to try and save money. I also ordered some of my daughters presents from eBay second hand – they are as good as new and she loves them! Will definitely be doing the same next year. #sharewithme

  5. I recently read the findings of this survey too and I think people are definitely cottoning on to ways to save money at Christmas. There are so many sales/discounts/offers throughout the year, we simply spread the cost and try to be as sensible as possible. #sharewithme

  6. I think I didn’t spend a lot in this year in fact it was less than last time on Christmas. Our son is 8 months so he doesn’t understand what Christmas is and etc but next year will be different probably we will spend more and we will prepare something special 🙂

  7. I hate the stress christmas causes every year and am seriously contemplating buying presents for people over the space of the year rather than in one whole go. #sharewithme

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