Chickenpox: Being prepared

The dreaded Chickenpox….both the big kids have had this but the babies are both yet to have this delightful childhood illness.

I am not sure how they have dodged it thus far, as there have been numerous rounds of it locally in the last few months.

I always think that with things like this it pays to be prepared. Having experienced it with the big kids already, I remember that we were house bound for quite a while as they both had quite a bad dose. Also the second child caught it right when the first child was almost better so it seemed really prolonged.

Things have moved on a bit since then treatment wise. Last time I used Poxclin and Piriton mainly. I found the Piriton really useful for containing the itch and neither of the big kids were left with any scars thank goodness.

The products I have in stock now along with the standard Calpol and Piriton are from the ViraSoothe range. These are supposed to help with the itch-scratch-infection cycle that can happen with Chickenpox and they are said to be easy to apply and rapidly absorbed which is bound to be a help with little people who don’t keep still for long.

I vividly remember being a spotty five year old and having to sit still whilst my grandmother applied calamine lotion with cotton wool. Thank goodness we have moved on from those days!


What about you? How did you deal with Chickenpox or are you yet to experience this?


  1. My daughters didn’t suffer from chicken pox at the same time either and it felt as though we were trapped in the house for ages! I was 20 years of age when I had it and remember feeling very poorly indeed.

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