Chocolate for champions

My dad has never been much of a chocolate eater but he does love a classic Terry’s Chocolate Orange or a piece of Toblerone.

I think both are regarded as something a bit different and not your average chocolate bar.

Both of these are chocolates I associate with my childhood, as I remember these were also the chocolate of choice of my grandparents.

If you are looking for a last minute Father’s Day gift then Toblerone are doing a limited edition “Champion Dad” full size bar. For just a few short weeks the classic gold and red triangular bar, filled with signature Swiss chocolate and honey almond nougat, will be bound with the Champion Dad belt, a very fitting reward for a true champion! The limited edition bars will be available in stores nationwide at an RRP of £4.99 (400g).

Toblerone 400g Father's Day

If Toblerone isn’t his thing then why not let him tap and unwrap a classic Terry’s Chocolate Orange? I think I associate these more with Christmas but I guess Father’s Day is as good an excuse as any!

One of Britain’s most loved confectionary treats, Terry’s Chocolate Orange has been on shelves since 1931 and is sure to be a winning present this Father’s Day.

With 20 segments of milk chocolate, blended with the signature orange oil, wrapped in the iconic orange peel foil, tap and unwrap and enjoy together. Find your Terry’s Chocolate Orange at retailers nationwide at an RRP of £ 2.75 (175g).

TCO 175g Milk AYR


Do you have any classic favourites?


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