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Choosing ‘mummy’ swimwear

In all honesty choosing swimwear is not something I have been at all excited about since having children. Somehow swimwear and having babies just don’t gel for me. Hopefully that won’t always be the case and maybe one day I will look half decent in a swimming costume or tankini- a skimpy bikini might be hoping for too much though after my body has played home to four babies…although I am not giving up on the dream…

This dislike of wearing swimwear doesn’t stop me going in the water and with four water babies and lots of pool activity I don’t really have that option.

So what on earth do you wear when the thought of stripping down to a swimsuit fills you with dread?

I’ve decided it has to be three things:

1) A colour I love

2) A flattering cut

3) Something with a magic control panel hidden somewhere

Now, sadly I haven’t found anyone who makes chest to ankle swimsuits made entirely of control fabric…but I have found some nice costumes that can give us mummies some reassurance.

My favourite colour is purple. I absolutely love it. Especially a really deep purple like this.

I love the shape of this swimsuit.

Everything tucked in nicely after I had just breastfed but by the time my little man was due another feed….well let’s just say…it was cosy in there!

It has a nice, tight control panel across the tummy which gives some added reassurance and nice wide shoulder straps.

This is from the Miraclesuit swimwear range – a leader in the shaping arena both the swim and the shaping garments, they carry the no compromise tagline “Look 10lbs Lighter in 10 Seconds” and are guaranteed to flatter, shape and streamline your silhouette.

Miraclesuit Swimwear is available in the UK from Patricia Eve, so if like me you aren’t crazy about the idea of swimwear, take a look.

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