Choosing school uniform

With many parents having recently found out which school their little ones will be going to in September, you can’t help but think about what they will be wearing.

School uniform can be a bit of a minefield and you can end up trying a few things before you get the things you feel are hard wearing and good value for money.

I always think it pays to have a good stock of uniform as little people often come home from school quite messy. To me though, if they are messy it means they’ve had a fun-filled, action-packed day.

To save you rushing around to get uniform clean for the next day in these situations, make your life easier and have a few sets of things.

Some schools insist you purchase their own uniform from them or a specific shop, but if that isn’t something you have to do then look at all the supermarkets and check out their school ranges. It is worth comparing, as some are better than others. For example, for girls skirts I have found George at Asda the best, whereas for boys trousers, I think the TU range from Sainsburys is best. Tesco are probably the ones I buy the least of as I haven’t been that impressed with their things.

If your children have very short or very long legs then it is worth going to M&S as they stock excellent quality school trousers in a range of lengths.

With regards to socks and tights it can really vary, but little people’s feet can get very hot in their shoes all day at school so it is worth paying a bit more to get something that is going to keep their feet cool, especially in the summer months.

100% Organic Cotton Knee High Socks with a beautiful bow feature, Grey

We like these organic cotton socks from Eco Outfitters. These look smart, keep feet cool and are great if your child has sensitive skin. They are also marked with the size on the bottom of the sock, so if you have more than one school-aged child you can organise them quickly after a wash.

With regards to a school coat, something with a hood that is at least shower-proof is best, many schools still encourage outdoor play and learning even if the weather is not that great.

It is worth shopping around for footwear, depending on how heavy your children are on shoes. You can buy kids school shoes here. However since kids are so active their school shoes, hey never seem to last that long, especially if your children are climbers.

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  1. I was always a fan of M&S. Used ot get my daughter 100% cotton dresses and they only a pound more expensive than the man made fibre dresses from the supermarkets. Be very wary of tights. it’s a false economy to buy cheap tights. They last five minutes.

    Oh, the skills and knowledge you pick up as a stay at home dad…


  2. I had those problems as well. I bought everything from the school uniform shop.
    Funny thing is that the teacher was all about rules and stuff and once my daughter started school she saw that the school wasn’t that strict. Go figure… 🙂

  3. My youngest starts school in September! I have never had to worry about buying school uniform for my eldest. Her Dad’s mother works in a school uniform shop so every year we get 2 sets of uniform for her which is ideal for us! But this year I will have to buy my youngest daughter’s school uniform and I pretty excited about it too!! They are all so expensive though aren’t they. I’m lucky that I can use Mia’s old uniform for Elliw though.

  4. We have about 15 different combinations of school uniform loads of different dresses, skirts, polo shirts, trousers and jumpers… well not jumpers any more because she loses them on an almost industrial scale! Every day as we pick the little lady up the first question is “Where’s your Jumper?”

  5. Ah school uniform, I’m not looking forward to having to go through the purchasing process again! My husband did most of it but he ended up going to about five different shops. Our school asks for a navy blue skirt and pinafore which is really tricky to get hold off. We ended up buying dresses in Debenhams – they are 100% cotton and weren’t expensive at all.

    Our biggest mistake was Primark tights – they are full of holes! #brilliantblogposts

    1. I know lol – I saw a mum on the yard today who looked a bit stressed. She said her son was covered in toothpaste and had a hole in his shoe today but he was at school and it was the summer term!

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