Christmas Games

I don’t know about you but we love games at Christmas. It’s probably the time of year we play the most board games as a family, although the boys in particular have been enjoying dominoes recently, which is lovely as it reminds me of my childhood, playing dominoes with one of my grandfathers.

Most years at Christmas at least one of us gets a new game from someone as a gift. We are all still a bit obsessed with the HEX Nano Bug – Bugs in the Kitchen we had last year. No one has lost interest in that yet, I highly recommend it for all round family fun, even toddlers love it. We also love a good classic like Monopoly or Guess Who, again, both games I loved as a child. I love how timeless they seem to be…although Guess Who is now all fancy and electronic!

What are your favourite games to play as a family?

If you are more about playing games online, and want something fun and festive you could try out Paddy Power Online Bingo – they have created some fun festive bingo cards like this one.

festive bingo

How many of these have you spotted at a Christmas party?

Let us know what games you’ll be playing this year, would love to hear your recommendations.

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  1. I remember when growing up my parents always bought one of us a game we could all play, either a simple board game like Ludo, or a physical game like Kerplunk!
    Always good for passing a few hours on Christmas Day with loads of laughter!

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