Christmas gift guide: part ten

Welcome to part ten of our ‘Christmas Gift Guide’. I hope we haven’t put you off by mentioning the ‘C’ word too soon.

You will no doubt be either really excited or totally put off having seen the title of this post but it is actually only a few weeks until Christmas. I’ve officially started my Christmas shopping now, and I’ve even bought wrapping paper. I am always a bit caught up between wanting to be organised and just feeling it’s all a bit too early.

Do you know someone who would benefit from a good massage? Perhaps a pregnant friend or relative, or just someone who needs to relax a bit. Perhaps you could do with a good massage yourself?

As much as it can be nice to go for a professional massage, we really need a massage much more often than we can afford to pay for one. Whilst some people have willing partners to help out from time to time, how many of you get complaints about how massaging you hurts their fingers or hands?

If this is the case or if you are just looking for a really good massage that can be done at home I’d suggest you look into getting some Nukkles.


Nukkles is a unique invention allows you to give a deeply satisfying massage experience with little or no training and with the minimum of effort. Nukkles flex and adapt to your body shape while the four pressure domes on each Nukkle provides the necessary firmness for a deep and penetrating massage. These feel so good, especially if you like a deep massage.

Nukkles are very easy to use – they can be used directly over clothing or, with a little massage oil, on bare skin. Have a look at the video below to get a better idea of how they work.

These really are superb and so well priced at £10.95 per pair. I think these make a superb gift at Christmas. Whoever you get one of these sets for I’m sure they will be eternally grateful.

I really like the fact that these can be used directly on the skin or through clothes as it makes them much more versatile – not everyone likes to strip off for a massage.

Make sure you follow the directions on how to use these, there is a specific motion to follow and that makes quite a difference to both how they handle and how it feels.

We are very excited to tell you that we have 8 sets of these wonderful gadgets to give away to some lucky Mummy Fever readers.

Just use the simple widget below – good luck!

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  1. Myself sorry! Xx my fiancé may get the hint then that I need a massage after running around after our little ones!! X

  2. My hubby so he can use it on me, keeps saying he doesnt know how to give one might stand a chance if he had these

  3. I would give this to my fiance Dean who suffers terrible shoulder pain due to his field of work.

  4. oh wow, would love to give to my daughter for Christmas. She is studying sports rehab at Uni and has her sports massage exam on 4th Jan

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