Conservation Crisis: The Board Game


Are you and your family into board games? This game is perfect for these wetter summer holiday days with the children that we seem to be having lots of at the moment.

This new game combines real-life conservation issues with the feel of a traditional board game. Its a fun strategy game where players take control of a wildlife reserve in crisis and save an endangered species. With a limited budget of of funding per round, players have to choose which projects to build and which staff to hire to rebuild their reserve and keep their wildlife safe: hiring vets to ward off disease; training rangers to protect wildlife from the poachers roaming the area; or building tourist lodges to generate more revenue for their reserve.

Players need to manage their funds and ensure there is still cash in their Crisis Fund pot for emergencies that crop up to catch them out throughout the game.

£2 of every sale goes towards funding conservation projects run by  four key partner charities to help protect wildlife around the world.

By playing Conservation Crisis, players are saving wildlife in the game and in real life too!

The game says it is suitable for children seven years and over but our five year old has played with his siblings without any problems at all. In terms of the game I would say that it plays in a similar way to Monopoly. It has that kind of feel about it and the way you get engrossed in it is very similar too.

It’s not a quick game either, it can go on quite a while, again, just like Monopoly. So if the children are really engrossed you might even be able to finish a hot drink or get some work or a workout done!

The game is available from Tunza Games for £29.99 and also available on Amazon, and I’d say it’s one of those games the whole family can play and get really into – so if you are looking for a new board game to add to your collection, this could be it.

The more you play, the more of a conservation expert you will become. To add an extra layer of reality to the game, there is also a checkpoint where players choose between waiting or paying a bribe to the poachers to pass straight through. Waiting slows players down but those who pay the bribe must take a bribe card – BEWARE>>> this leads to consequences later in the game.

We’ve got an exciting competition coming up on the blog soon to win one of these games, so stay tuned.


  1. I love board games! We always have a selection ready at christmas and it is always so much fun!

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