Considering colouring your hair?

I can honestly say I have never dyed my hair. As a teenager my best friend and I experimented with colour sprays and mouses when we were feeling particularly rebellious but it never developed into anything else. 

With dark brown hair I fully accept that there will come a point in time when I need to consider this to avoid looking a little white around the edges. Although, having said that my mum has reached 63 without ever colouring her hair and she only has the odd bit of grey popping through.

When the day comes when I need to tackle this I am adamant that I want the colour to look as natural as possible. I think it is really bad when the first thing you notice is that someone has had their hair coloured, rather than it looking shiny or glossy or having loads of volume.

I think I may just have found the answer in Color Mask…

Schwarzkopf Color Mask, the very first permanent hair mask colourant, has reformulated its offering to give even more care whilst colouring. Schwarzkopf Color Mask has now added up to 30% more care[1] to its formula, making it even more caring than before. The rich conditioner with Shea Butter nourishes the hair after colouring, smoothing the hair structure for hair that is easy to manage and soft to touch with perfect grey coverage.

Color Mask

On top of this, Schwarzkopf Color Mask has added to its colour factor too, with the launch of three new luminous shades, including Color Mask 560 Rich Nougat, a rich, warm brown with golden tones, Color Mask 1016 Champagne Blonde which lifts up to four levels and provides a healthy-looking, light blonde and Color Mask 1040 Light Beige Blondewhich provides a warm blonde with beige undertones and lifts up to four levels. The thick, rich texture of Color Maskcoats and covers every strand, for maximum colour and care performance.

400 Dark Brown

Schwarzkopf have also combined the caring formulation of Color Mask with hair lightening technology to produce an innovation in home hair colour – the first hair mask lighteners.  With a recent study[2]claiming women fear lightening their hair due to damage or ending up with a brassy result, NEW Color Mask Intensive Lighteners offer the perfect solution, with 30% more care whilst lifting the hair up to 6 levels[3], resulting in a cool blonde shade, even on naturally light brown hair. NEW Color Mask 1060 Platinum Blonde, lifts natural hair by up to 4 levels on naturally light blonde to dark blonde hair and Color Mask 1070 Crystal Blonde Intensive Lightener lightens up to 6 levels on natural medium blonde to light brown hair, for healthy-looking, blonde results full of shine.

The non-drip, hair mask texture is easily applied directly on to dry hair with just a few simple steps. Mix the colour components, excluding the shea butter conditioner, together in the developer jar. Shake vigorously 40 times and smooth on to dry hair using 2-3 fingers. The rich texture allows easy application – even on the back of the head. Ensure the hair is completely covered and leave to develop for the recommended time. Finally rinse and condition with the Shea Butter conditioner to replenish the hair and then rinse again to reveal a stunning shade and discover a new hair confidence.

Available in 17 rich, natural shades Schwarzkopf Color Mask’s powerful colour pigments saturate strands to deliver long-lasting, permanent hair colour with a glossy shine.

Schwarzkopf Color Mask is available in Boots, Superdrug, Morrisons, Tesco, Wilkinsons, Savers, Bodycare and leading independent chemists. Recommended retail price is from £6.49. Schwarzkopf Color Mask relaunch shades and Intensive Lighteners are available from April 2014.

We think this is a good value product and the shea butter content is really appealing as it nourishes and conditions the hair, leaving it glossy – what mummy doesn’t need a bit of gloss in her life? Widely available and with clear and easy application instructions we think this is great for the novice like myself or equally a seasoned colouring expert looking for a change of brand.

The non drip application is very welcomed, no more hair dye, dripping down your face or leaving embarrassing stains on your skin so everyone knows what you’ve been up to in your bathroom! Also the fact that this is applied to dry hair somehow makes it more appealing, as you can just have a go when you have some time spare and not turn it into a big bathroom mission.

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[1] vs. non-dyed hair

[2] Source: Open Eyes Research Barrier Study October 2007

[3] Color Mask 1070 Crystal Blonde Intensive Lightener lifts natural hair up to 6 levels. Color Mask 1060 Platinum Blonde Intensive Lightener lifts natural hair up to 4 levels.

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