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Creating a force field

The love that siblings have for each other is incredibly powerful and so special to watch.


  • They may argue over a toy or wrestle each other to the ground
  • They may compete with each other or even compete for my attention
  • They may be momentarily cross with each other or they may bicker for hours


  • Their love for each other is undeniable
  • They were each others first loves
  • They get to be idols and superheros everyday just for being themselves

2016-02-07 19.52.43

  • They have a ready made army and security detail ready to defend them in a tricky situation
  • They laugh, sing and dance together in perfect sync
  • They understand each other better than anyone else
  • They embrace their differences.
  • They celebrate each other’s successes
  • They are partners in crime
  • Their bond is so tight it’s like they have created their own force field

2016-02-07 19.50.59_resized

Together they are strong. They are a team. A team I feel incredibly proud of.

Siblings: the friends that stick around to continue the party when all the guests have gone home

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