Cutting children’s hair

One of the biggest dilemmas in a mother’s life is whether to cut her child’s hair at home or go to a salon. Kids’ salons tend to be pricey, but at-home haircuts involve sharp objects that come dangerously close to a squirming child’s scalp. What’s a mum to do? Save yourself some money and stress with these mummy hacks for an at-home haircut.

Set The Scene Properly

A child’s attention span is usually shorter than an adult’s. Before you sit your child down for a haircut, gather all of your equipment, including the following:

  • Cutting tools
  • Comb
  • Towel
  • Spray bottle to keep hair moist

You may want to put a smaller child in a booster seat or high chair that has a harness to keep them in place. Make sure that the back of the chair does not interfere with the cutting area. Older children can sit on a stool, or a Fun Pod works really well for a range of ages.

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Keep kids occupied with something that will entertain them while keeping them still. This is not the time to take away their TV privileges.

Use The Right Tools

When you have a wiggling child in front of you, fiddling with multiple tools can be grueling. You don’t want to set the scissors within your child’s reach. However, you need to keep the tools close to be able to switch back and forth quickly. Firstly, you should find the best scissor brands for hairdressing because having the right utensils is important for doing a clean cut.

The straight razors from Donald Scott NYC can help you streamline the gizmos necessary for a child’s haircut. The Carving Comb and Swivel Twist Razor have a cutting surface on one side and a comb on the other side, preventing you from having to dig around for multiple instruments.

The Groom Stik Pro Trimmer is battery operated. You won’t need to worry about your child grabbing a wire as you’re shaping the hair around the ears and neckline.

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Learn The Best Techniques

Have you ever cut your child’s locks only to make him look like one of the characters from the movie “Dumb and Dumber?” The Donald Scott NYC Swivel Twist Razor creates a slight layered look that prevents hair from becoming too blunt. The DS/X4 Razor can be used to clean up the haircut with a professional finish.

Soften up the harsh edge of any haircut using the Donald Scott Carving Comb or the DS/X4. Divide the hair in sections. Pull each section away from the scalp, squeezing it vertically between two fingers. Slice downward using one of the razors. You may have to use a repetitive gentle stroking motion to ensure that all of the hair is cut. This technique will blend old layers together.

If the ends of the hair are still too blunt, hold them between your fingers and rapidly wave the Swivel Twist Razor across the ends. It will gently cut the hair in a way that makes it appear softer and more blended.

Younger children tend to have finer hair. Cutting that hair with scissors can result in a choppy look. Blend the feathery strands together using Donald Scott NYC tools. You’ll spend less time on the haircut, and your child will look better than if you used scissors. Plus, you’ll save money because you won’t end up at the salon.


  1. My 2 youngest have been pretty bald until they were over 3. I prefer to have someone else cut their hair when they need it

  2. This always reminds me of my dad cutting out hair when we were little
    Unfortunately he als cut our eye brows that often by mistake
    Much better your way

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