Dealing with the real issues of pregnancy

Pregnancy, childbirth and the early days of motherhood can be a real challenge. Whether you are doing this for the first time or the fifth time or more it can be a difficult time and one which puts a strain on your body.

That’s why we are always keen to learn about new products that can help us mums out in our hour, day, night, week, year of need …..

Midwives Jane Mason and Theresa Mounsey have, between them, been helping women through pregnancy, birth and the first few months being a new mum for over fifteen years.

After having helped thousands of new mothers the pair have seen it all and believe that, despite the fact the majority of women go through child birth, the real issues surrounding what happens to your body in the process aren’t talked about and there aren’t any effective products available to help women deal with them. This is exactly why they’ve created the NaturalBirthing Company and a range of natural products specifically designed to help new mums and pregnant women with some of the less discussed health issues surrounding having a baby…

In the new Natural Birthing Company range are:

·     Down Below – Perineal Massage Oil: £15.99 for 50mls – With its safe composition of 100% natural unfragranced vegetable oils, a twice daily massage of Down Below from 34 weeks of pregnancy will help the skin to stretch and increase the elasticity of your perineal muscles – reducing the chances of tearing or needing a cut during labour and scarring post birth.

·    Cool It Mama – Body and Facial Spritz: £15.99 for 250mls – Pure bliss in a bottle, Cool It Mama immediately cools, soothes and revives the face, body and mind. A wonderfully uplifting orange blossom floral water with pure essential oils and hint of menthol help soothe a multitude of woes from pregnancy nausea and swollen heavy legs to battling the “baby blues” and cooling hot and bothered mamas during pregnancy and labour.

This is very refreshing and smells gorgeous. It makes you feel relaxed yet revived and is perfect for a little pick me up! We love the scent and feel this would make a gorgeous gift for a mum to be perhaps for a baby shower gift?

·     Bosom Buddies – Breastfeeding Survival Kit: £29.99 3x10ml – The must-have TLC for every new mum, Bosom Buddies” contains all the essential tools to help you face common breastfeeding difficulties. Simply add a few drops of Ooh! for engorged breasts, Aah! for low milk supply or Ouch! for sore nipples to water and, using the organic cotton facecloths supplied, create soothing compresses for each breast, immediately helping you feel comforted, relieved and uplifted.

This is a winner of a product – we are so happy to see something like this on the market at last! This is a real luxury gift for a new mum who is breastfeeding. This really works, even on the most swollen of breasts.Every breastfeeding mum should have one of these kits! It looks lovely as well so would again make a lovely baby shower gift. 

Blissful Tincture – Perineal Care following birth: £16.99 for 50mls – Soothe the spirit, jump start healing and help ease the discomfort of perineal soreness, tears, uncomfortable stitches, haemorrhoids or caesarean section wounds with Blissful Tincture. Its traditional herbal blend of hypericum and calendula effectively works to soothe and revitalize tissue post birth.


Birthing Buddy E-Book: £2.99 – The Birthing Buddy E-Book is a downloadable PDF guide that is packed with all types of hints and tips for expectant mothers. The E-Book was written by Natural Birthing Company’s two experienced midwives Theresa Mounsey and Jane Mason and is packed with information to help all expectant mums and their partners.

To learn more about the Natural Birthing Company, their products and stockists please visit .

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