Dear Mummy – why I love boobie milk and other things

Mummy, I know you think I should sleep in my own bed by now and I know that Daddy would very much like that too. I know that you would like me to start drinking milk from a ‘big boy cup’ or even a bottle, so you can finally have your boobies back. I know, Mummy that you would like it if I slept a little longer in the daytime, so you could catch up on some work and get some jobs done. I know, that you would like it if I was more settled in the evening so you could dance around to your funny exercise DVD or maybe wash your hair. I know that when you put me down on the floor during the day and I scream and caterpillar crawl back to you until you pick me up, that you were just hoping to do something with two hands for a few minutes.

I know all of these things Mummy, honestly I do.


The thing is though…

I want to be close to you all the time Mummy, I want to snuggle you and put my head on your shoulder when I am being shy in front of strangers. I want to be able to reach out my hand in the night and know that you are there, right next to me. I want your face to be the first thing I see when I open my eyes. I like sleeping in the the baby carrier during the day, with my head nestled in your chest…it is very comfy in there, much better than my cot. I like the idea of a big boy cup or a bottle like my big brother. His looks good, but really Mummy, I prefer boobie milk if I’m honest, I don’t think I want the stuff from the cows thanks. I mean, I’m sure their boobies are clean and everything but I wouldn’t want to suck them. I know you think your boobies are saggy Mummy, but they are my best friends. Remember the other day when the nasty nurse stabbed me in the leg, well your boobies made it all better. I like it when you carry me around all the time, your hip is so comfy Mummy – and do you remember Mummy that one of my big brothers liked that too?

Don’t let me grow up too fast Mummy. Whilst I am happy to be your baby, let me be.

You will be sad when none of us want to snuggle or be carried anymore, you know you will.

I love you Mummy x


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