Dear Santa…you failed me

Dear Santa,I know we can’t always get what we want BUT I only asked for one thing this Christmas and you didn’t deliver…All  I asked for was five extra hours in the day, I am not sure why you haven’t delivered this and you certainly didn’t leave any note of explanation….bad Santa!As you have failed to deliver my requested gift I have had to resort to drastic measures to ‘create’ this for myself. This means getting up even earlier and going to bed even later…hmmm OK but not very compatible with breastfeeding through the night.Anyway Santa, my early start begins at 6am when I climb bleary eyed into my fitness gear and hold my eyes open with cotton buds whilst I try and put my contact lenses in.  My smallest little elf has been joining me downstairs, staring at me from the moses basket with a look of ‘oh dear that’s my mummy’ waggling her stuff to Hip Hop Abs!Yes Santa, you heard me right… HIP HOP ABS at 6am everyday….whilst the majority of the house are still sleepingInsanity?NO! but the same guy ‘Shaun T’ also has a DVD by that name so why the hell not? After 4 babies no one else …not even you Santa can shake this off except me.So shame on you Santa for not delivering but I’m politely showing you the finger and creating the time myself.   Post Comment Love

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  1. You CAN beat Santa!! If he isn't going to give you want you want then you really sound like you are going to go out and find it yourself 🙂 Well done. Thank you for linking to #PoCoLo 🙂 x

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