Developing individual style

Are your daughters, or sons even, starting to become interested in style? Do they like to pick out what they wear? Do they have an opinion on what they think looks good and what doesn’t? Do they have a preference for certain colours or fabrics even? Do they prefer to wear their hair a certain way perhaps? Or even have favourite accessories?

It seems to me that children are becoming more and more aware of these things earlier in life.

U Hugs dolls from Flair, which are aimed at girls aged between 6 and 10 years old are tapping into this. U Hugs is a range of collectable quirky characters which allow girls to show off their style!  The collection brings together creative play and stylish doll characters as the perfect way for girls to express their style, mood and personality.

All 6 U Hugs Dolls

Anyone recognise their daughters here?

The object is to choose the U Hug that most matches your style and then build your collection from there. Each doll is made from soft plastic and has holes around its body ready for pins and personalisation, plus 12 pins to start each unique transformation. Fashionistas can change and switch their character’s style and look each day, either to match their mood, look or alter ego. Collect more than one for multiple unique looks!

These dolls are lots of fun but they are aimed at girls. Whilst girls do tend to be more interested in style in the early years compared to boys, I think there are lots of boys out there who enjoy experimenting with style. It would be great if Flair developed a range of these dolls that were aimed at boys.

With these dolls, the more you collect, the more options there are. A great little collectable!

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