Disinfecting Vs cleaning

Disinfecting and cleaning is something we all have to do. How often do you clean and how often do you disinfect?  Do you know the difference?

Zoflora make a range of disinfectants that can help to keep your family safe from bacteria. These come in tiny little bottles and don’t look like much at all, but don’t be fooled as they pack a big punch.

This helpful info graphic produced by Zoflora helps to show the difference between disinfecting and cleaning.

2015-10-28 19.21.50

Zoflora comes in 16 different fragrances and is a really handy addition to the cleaning cupboard.  You can use it in every room of the house, plus outside and on pet items if you have pets. Great for highchairs, the potty, the floor and so on. Also, when mixed with water and used in a trigger spray, you can create handy disinfectant sprays to use around the home.

These little bottles go a long way and you can even choose a different fragrance for each season.

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  1. I tend to go halfway and mix Zoflora with a cleaner when doing the bathroom and use Zoflora without a mix in the kitchen. I hadn’t realised that a cleaner left so many germs.

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