Do your children want to learn to play the guitar?

After school activities can be a minefield for parents – what is worth the cost and what is not? Some children don’t want to do anything and some want to do everything!

My children are in the category of wanting to do everything which can get very expensive but where possible I want to give them the opportunity to try a range of things now. I have explained that when they are older and have more pressures of homework and exams and part-time jobs then they will have to choose a couple of things out of their long list!

My daughter asked me a couple of years ago if she could learn the guitar, she is 7. I tried to find somewhere for her and struggled at first but then someone recommended The Michael Clarke Studio .

My daughter has been attending weekly lessons for sometime now and enjoys her sessions every week. Mike is patient and encouraging and builds her confidence and ability each week.

Teaching is a real passion of the Michael Clarke Studio and you get a friendly service combined with the skill and experience of a true professional.

We can’t recommend the Studio enough so if you have a child who wants to learn, or maybe you want to have a go yourself? Or maybe you know someone else who is looking for tuition then give Mike a call or email him at: 

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