Driving Executive Women in Business Forward

Following my recent article questioning whether women can actually have it all, there seems to be an awful lot of talk about executive women in business, although, I have to say, there have been a few things I have read supporting my theory that women can’t ‘have it all’ without lots of help and compromise.

Despite this, the numbers of women in ‘power’ continues to grow and you can see recent figures published on WMMSurveys by the National Association for female executives (NAFE) below:


There are also a number of large companies who support and encourage women to be both mothers and successful executives. NAFE have also published the top 50 companies for executive women amongst which include some of the most successful and largest global blue-chip firms such as IBM, Cisco, Intel and household brands such as L’oreal, Kellogg’s.

Now if you have an executive job, you need an executive car to match right? Strong, determined women need to make a strong impression in a male-dominated world and you might feel that a particular car could help you with that.

In order to keep your car looking new and to avoid all those annoying things that start to go wrong when a car is out of warranty, why not lease your business car?  You don’t want something old and shabby letting you down when you are on your way to kick some ass at an important meeting. You can have a brand new car delivered to your home with a hassle free service and ongoing support and advice.

Finding business lease cars doesn’t need to be complicated, in fact it is actually quite a straight forward process, which means you can shop around without even leaving your desk, by browsing the range of cars available online, choosing the one that suits you and applying online for business contract hire finance to get a decision within a few days!

If you have your own business, taking out a car on business lease for your company might be a beneficial choice in terms of finance. If your business is VAT registered you can claim this back and you can then afford to buy something to impress your clients which you can regularly upgrade every two years or so. There is plenty more information helping you to decide whether you should lease or buy your next company car and there’s a good read about how car leasing makes good business sense.


If you are travelling a lot with your job, finding the right car will be especially important to you. Without a doubt you will want something comfortable and necessary extra options for executives. This is perhaps where a Mercedes-Benz kicks in. There are numerous Mercedes car leasing options available if you want something that carries a strong, reliable and successful image with you. Mercedes in my opinion is the leading business executive car brand that has the largest range and models to choose from, and it doesn’t fail to provide something to suit every personality.

The latest release is the new executive range of Mercedes C Class Saloon, that is also available in the dynamic AMG styling kit for the sporty look; if efficiency is something you’re after then you will appreciate the MPG on the BlueTech engine; if you need something to drive a team to business meetings or carrying a lot with you then you probably want something bigger so you may consider one of the larger 4×4 models – I’m a little bit in love with the M Class myself!

Some people feel better in a particular pair of shoes, for some it’s a certain suit or a particular handbag and for others in business, the type of car is important.

What would your executive car of choice be?

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