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Half Term might only just be over but the Easter holidays are just around the corner, with just a five week term to go. We do love Easter here and always do an Easter Egg Hunt. Over the years we’ve done some indoors and some outdoors depending on the weather that year. The outdoor ones are always better and we can string them out for longer but sometimes the weather here just doesn’t allow for that.

Easter Egg Hunt

We always end up doing lots of Easter baking and Easter craft activities during this time. We tend to make things like edible nests, chocolate eggs and decorate gingerbread bunnies. Craft-wise we make all sorts of things, including Easter nests using colourful beads, decorative Easter bags for the children to collect the things they discover on their trail, and of course Easter cards too.

Easter nest

Wooden beads are great to use when making Easter nests, and of course those little yellow chicks you can buy just finish them off nicely. Easter egg hunt bags and sacks can be made out of those canvas bags you can pick up in craft shops. Designing their own bag is a great activity to to in the run up to Easter.

Easter cards can be made with all sorts of bits and bobs – remember though if their cards end up with loads of things on you’ll end up making a bespoke envelope too!

craft supplies

Cheap plastic headbands can be pimped up with felt to make bunny ears – great fun for wearing on Easter Sunday when hunting for those eggs.

One of the other things you could make would be signs and arrows for your own egg hunt.

egg hunt

What Easter craft will your little ones be doing this year?

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  1. We have some glue dots.They’re super sticky. We’ll definitely be doing some crafting over Easter.

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