Easy bathroom cleaning

Like lots of busy parents, cleaning the bathroom is not top of my list of weekly priorities, but it still needs doing at some point.

Cleaning the shower can be quite tricky and I often find it easier to physically be in the shower to get it really clean. The downside of this is that it is very easy to splash cleaning fluid on your skin. method have a super range of non toxic products that solve this problem.


I did wonder if non toxic would mean it wasn’t as effective but that isn’t the case at all. The products are very effective and especially when used daily like the shower spray, as this prevents a build up of limescale and means the cleaning process is much quicker and easier.

Anything that saves time gets my vote and I’m really impressed with method. The scent of mint and eucalyptus lingers in the bathroom and smells really fresh and clean. An old toothbrush used around the tricky bits helps too.

It looks like they do a range of other products as well, which look ideal for a family home.

How do you speed up the cleaning process?


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