The excitement of a new look blog

So…it is finally live, my lovely new look blog. It is a huge improvement on the previous one and much more easy to navigate.

It has been a long time coming with too few hours in the day to do everything but it is finally here!



There are still a few things to fiddle with but I am so pleased to see the back of blogger and all its limitations.

Do have a poke around and let me know what you think!

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  1. I like it! I really want to re-do my design etc too, but I know it’s going to take such a long time. I am also unsure whether to stick with blogger or move over to wordpress. Hmm! Ray xx @ #BinkyLinky

    1. It does take so long I agree. I have seen some great blogger sites, some people seem to be able to use it really well but I just found it messy and couldn’t get my head around it. Thanks for reading!

  2. Like the new look! It’s fun to do a bit of a blog overhaul once in a while- I’m probably overdue one myself but finding the time is tricky isn’t it? Well done on getting it all sorted. #pocolo

  3. I’m loving your colour scheme and I like the way you’ve gone for a different look. I think so many blogs look similar these days, it’s refreshing to see something a little different. I’m stuck on Blogger with it’s restrictions, I just don’t have the time to change right now.

    1. Thanks Ann – I hated my previous one, it was thrashed together in a few moments and I never got around to doing anything properly. Some people can make blogger work really well but I just couldn’t get along with it. Thanks for reading.

  4. Ooh, congratulations on the new look! It must be pretty fun playing around with it and testing different things out 🙂 I am quite happy on my Blogger platform, as I don’t have the energy to make it look unique like this, but I do admire the effort you’ve put into this 🙂

  5. Wow, fantastic blog chock full of info that I reckon I’m going to be needing! 😀 you sound a very busy woman, but a very happy one!

    I don’t know what your blog looked like before as this is my first time here, but it looks great to me and there’s a lot of articles I need to read now! 😀


    1. Oh wow – thanks so much for your lovely comment 🙂 very nice of you. Before there was no navigation and I just felt it looked a mess. You couldn’t find what you wanted.

  6. Oo well done. This looks great! I’ve changed mine over time but there’s a few more that I need to do. Think this is the motivation for me to do it. Thanks for linking up with us on the #bigfatlinky

  7. Yay! Good for you, I’ve never looked back from switching to a self-hosted site and it will really do wonders for your SEO and with PRs if you’re interested in that. Love the new look and thank you for linking up at #sharethejoy this week x

  8. Yay there is nothing like the feeling of a blog facelift .. mine is having one in a few weeks .. eek! … btw i am loving the pink! 😉
    Thanks for linking up with #MagicMoments

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