Exercise classes that flex with your lifestyle

Trying to make time to exercise as a busy mum can be, well, a nightmare sometimes. I’ve had all sorts of strategies over the years to try and make sure I can build exercise into my week. Invariably these have to flex and and change as the children grow and change and as their routines or needs change, or perhaps more significantly, as they go through different phases.

I do know parents who seem to have had the same routine since their children were born – children go to bed, stay in bed and the rest of the evening is theirs. I’m not sure how they do it and how this doesn’t change over time but, I guess good for them. The reality for many families though is a little different and some nights there simply is no ‘evening’ as you are up and down and backwards and forwards to children multiple times. We’ve never had good sleepers, despite having a solid bedtime routine, so I am always looking for ways to incorporate exercise into my life in a way that is flexible and achievable.

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Flex provides the community and motivational aspects of a real life gym class right in the comfort of your own home. By broadcasting classes live and prerecorded, busy mummies don’t have to worry about travel, child minders and time logistics. Plus you can do classes with friends and chat/catch up/socialise during the class, without having to actually leave home.

Of course if the social aspect doesn’t bother you then you can still take part in the workouts, you don’t have to join in with the chat online.

The platform currently has a wide range of classes running from yoga to post-natal tummy busting. There are loads of styles of workouts and exercises to choose from and you can try it FREE for 30 days! Why not give it a go and see if if works for you?

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You can tune in on any device. Watch on the go on your phone, use any computer or even your TV. This means the classes are portable and you can keep on top of your exercise 365 days a year.

Any time workouts that flex around your life and other commitments and responsibilities – Flex TV is another useful strategy for busy mums who want to maintain exercise routines but struggle to get out to classes. I look forward to seeing a wider range of classes added over time.

How do you include exercise in your daily routine? Do you have any particular strategies? Do you think Flex TV would work for you?


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