Exploring the idea of travelling to try a new sport: Muay Thai

Have you ever considered travelling to a different country to try a different sport or fitness activity? This might sound a bit odd, given that you can exercise at home, in a gym, local club or fitness centre, or just open your front door and go for a run – why would you want to travel somewhere just to exercise?

If you think about combining a holiday with trying something new, then this might seem more appealing. One of the ways to do this is to travel to Thailand and take Muay Thai training classes there.

Driving in Thailand however is a different story since it is officially one of the most dangerous countries in the world to drive in. It would be safe to say that practicing Muay Thai kickboxing is actually safer than driving on the roads in and around Thailand and is one of the reasons why car insurance is compulsory in this country. If you do decide to visit Thailand and wish to rent a car to get to your Muay Thai Kickboxing class (or anywhere else for that matter) then make sure it is covered by comprehensive Car Insurance so you are not left in a financially uncomfortable situation should an accident happen.


If you read about Thailand as a holiday destination and read the accounts of other travellers, you will quickly come to realise just how many travellers describe it is as paradise on earth. Once you see the attractive images of sandy beaches, tropical islands and the exciting streets and neighborhoods of the capital city of Bangkok, you will understand better what these people are talking about.

So what’s all the fuss about Muay Thai? This is a martial art, often referred to as “The Art of Eight Limbs” and superb for eliminating stress as well as improving fitness and coordination.

By taking a course in Thailand you will benefit from the change of scenery and will be able to leave behind things that are blocking you at home. You are likely to be more motivated and determined to succeed once you eliminate this stress and the typical obstacles that make people give up on training. A Muay Thai training camp is a place with experienced trainers that know how to guide you through the training process and support and encourage you.


Muay Thai classes include various exercises which will keep you busy all the time. They are fun and interesting and suitable for everyone. You can check the details of Muay Thai courses available at the Suwit website.

Muay Thai has helped people with their weight loss efforts, their efforts to strengthen muscles in all body parts and it has also helped people with their flexibility, coordination, self-esteem, confidence and with self discipline.

What’s more, you get the chance to travel to an amazing country!

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