Family-friendly days out: part seven

Welcome to part seven of our series on family-friendly days out. Despite all the negative press around theme parks since the tragic accident at Alton Towers earlier in the year, we decided to head to a theme park that we haven’t visited before, Thorpe Park.

Thorpe Park is part of the Merlin Entertainments Group, located just 20 miles from Central London.


What to expect

  • Expect to pay a higher ticket price on the day – if you book in advance you could save a huge amount per person
  • Expect to get very wet on some of the rides – perhaps pack a change of clothes for family members
  • There is a beach and a water play area so if the weather is nice you might want to take swimming things and towels (this is quite near the entrance/exit so you could either do that at the start or end of your day and return your things to the car)
  • You will need to leave your pushchair outside for the 4D cinema experience – this is the only fully-inclusive activity for all ages, you can ask to sit in a de-activated seat it you are pregnant or have a small child with you
  • You will need to pay for parking before you can leave the car park


What they have spot on:

  • Lots of ‘big’ rides for thrill seekers
  • Toilets and baby change available only when a member of staff unlocks the door – whilst this might sound annoying, it actually means only those who actually need the room use it, so it is much better
  • Great for children from around 8 years upwards, this would be a great day out if you had thrill-seeking teenagers especially
  • Very clean – staff constantly going around picking up any litter to ensure it maintained its cleanliness
  • Lots of bins and recycling points
  • Pushchair-friendly
  • Lots of lockers all around the park so you don’t have to carry bags, wet things etc all of the time
  • Lots of picnic spots, many are covered as well to shelter from sun or rain
  • Live music during the day
  • A beach and water slides which makes it a bit different
  • It is a nice park to walk around if you are not taking part and there are some excellent viewing options for spectators
  • Lots of fantastic photo opportunities and lovely backdrops, especially around near the beach and waterpark area
  • Lots of ‘different’ rides, rides with a twist on the norm, making it interesting
  • Lots of parking and the car park is not a huge walking distance to the park


What they need to work on:

  • The attraction is quite pricey – but not dissimilar to other theme parks
  • There are a disappointing number of things that cost extra when inside the park
  • Aside from the beach, there is nothing for small children-ย With a few strategically placed play areas around the park there would be much wider appeal for families with children of a range of ages. This would be quite a simple thing to do but would make quite a difference.
  • The beach closed early the day we were there which was a bit disappointing as there was no prior warning – don’t get caught out saving it until the very end of the day!
  • We felt that the park was quite hard to navigate, we weren’t sure if we had completed everything but that might just have been due to building work at the time
  • ยฃ5 for parking is a bit excessive – with high ticket prices, parking should really be free


We give Thorpe Park a Mummy Fever rating of 3.5/5 . With a few play areas for small children, this would easily be a 4.5 as it would instantly be so much more inclusive and family-friendly.

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  1. I’ve not been to thorpe park, but it does surprise me that they charge for parking. I don’t know of any other similar attractions that do this. I’d have thought the cost of the ticket would be sufficient enough! Thanks for linking up to the #BinkyLinky

  2. We live really close to Thorpe Park. I have been BC (before Children) and loved it. I can’t thought about taking M as as you found out there aren’t too many things for the little ones. I do find it expensive too! Great review xx #binkylinky

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