Forgotten moments

One of my greatest fears as I navigate this parenting journey is that I will forget how I felt in a particular moment, or worse, forget the moment all together.

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How do you hold onto those? How do you ensure that those moments are preserved?

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I try to keep record books of achievements but those are quite easy to preserve. It’s the moments in life that are ordinary but which create extraordinary feelings that are so hard to remember.


Photographs help and I take plenty of those. Sometimes they capture a simple moment perfectly and yet other times things happen so fast there isn’t any time to photograph it. Anyway how do you photograph a feeling?




I never want to forget the feeling I have when I get that first sleepy cuddle of the day from the children.

I never want to forget the warm fluffy feeling I get when the little ones say a new word or just something cute or funny. You can’t bottle that, but I so wish you could. Tonight when asked if he’d had a good day one of the little ones replied “I did, I ate my breadsticks and my tasty bogies” of course I ย responded by questioning the bogie eating but in all honesty it was so funny and said with such enthusiasm for bogies I just wanted to chuckle.


I never want to forget the way their little lips feel when they kiss me goodnight or their enthusiasm for seeing me when I’ve just been for a wee “mummy’s back, hooray”.


I never want to forget the way they melt my heart everyday with a new word or skill or simply their love for each other.


I never want to forget how utterly mesmerising they are when they are asleep or how incredible their eyes are when they are awake.


I never want to forget their adoration for the simple things in life: sand, water, space to run, exploring, tickles, dancing and singing.


I never want to forget their enthusiasm for acting out bedtime stories and how we went on a bear hunt every night for months.


I never want to forget the way they make me feel and the pride and joy I have from being their mummy in this moment as well as all the moments to come.


How do we preserve these moments of parenthood and keep them safe forever? Do you worry you will forget?

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  1. I really do worry that I’ll forget. I wish I’d started blogging sooner, there’s 5 years gone that I could have recorded ๐Ÿ™

  2. Yup, I worry about this too. We have boxes for keepsakes, but I never know if I’m keeping quite the right things. We have loads of photographs stored on memory cards and also hard copies, but they are in a bit of a muddle! That said, I thin the most important memories are etched into my mind forever. #sharewithme

  3. Firstly, what gorgeous children you have! I do find that with every passing year, the memories fade and that is so sad. Every now and again, I remember a funny little saying that they used ten times a day when they were 3 years old. Sometimes I can’t remember which one of them said it and it makes me panic a little inside. Thank goodness for blogs. I’m just sad that I didn’t start mine 10 years ago ๐Ÿ™

    1. Thanks Suzanne ๐Ÿ™‚ You are so right about that – I am starting to do that too and i hate confusing them all. Yes …me too, wish I had a record from the start!

  4. Thousands of photos from years ago

    Seemed to have slowed over the past few years -time to get snapping again
    Yours are great and I love keeping track of all your goings on

  5. It has dawned on me, eight years and three children into parenthood, that I have already forgotten a lot of details. I’m coming to accept that I can’t remember everything but that if I can capture enough of the little moments in writing and in photos, I will remember *enough*. It makes me wonder how my parents have held on to their memories of my childhood, in an era where you couldn’t just rattle off 100 photos a day, or where you had to laboriously hand-write your thoughts in a diary rather than a blog or Facebook. I think that part of our guilt about wanting to remember everything is the very fact that it is now so easy to record every aspect of our lives via social media and smartphones. #swm

    1. You are so right Tim – I think the same. When the children ask me something I have to think sometimes really hard who did what when. You are also right about the pressure – it’s almost like now we have no excuse!

  6. Those photos are beautiful. I always cry when I look back on photos of my children, time passes so quickly and sometimes it feels that they are growing up far to quickly.

  7. I am the same I am constantly worried I will forget that moment or it will pass me by all together and that was one of the main reasons I started blogging and then eventually vlogging our days out and weekends away. Video helps capture that giggle, that smile that cheekiness that photos can’t. What a beautifully written and gorgeous photos here babes. Thanks for linking up to Share With me #sharewithme

    1. Thanks Jenny – glad it isn’t just me. I have videos of the children but haven’t gone down the vlogging route yet. I need to document more of the ‘stories’ and feelings I think along the way. xx

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