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FREE FROM GUIDE: Part 4 – The Venice Bakery

When it comes to having a free from diet, pizza is often one of the things that we have to miss out on.

I have had free from pizzas in the past, ones by dietary specials for example and I even tried one of the Domino’s ones a little while back.

However, what there is a serious lack of are quality pizzas with a variety of toppings. Normally you can only get the bog standard margarita or pepperoni. 

So what about adding your toppings to quality bases?

Sounds like a plan!

That’s where Venice Bakery come in… here is their story and be sure to read on, especially if you have an interest in autistic spectrum disorders. 

Several years ago, Venice Bakery President, Jimmy DeSisto, was asked by Dr. Karima Hirani, a practitioner of holistic medicine at the University of Southern California, to create a good-tasting, gluten-free pizza for her students and patients. Dr. Hirani explained that a gluten-free diet improved the behavioral patterns of many of the autistic children she treated – and that was all the inspiration that Mr. DeSisto needed. He set out to research the gluten-free market, intent on producing the perfect gluten-free pizza crust – one that would meet Venice Bakery’s rigorous standards.

In collaboration with a team of skilled bakers, Mr. DeSisto combined their exceptional/signature craftsmanship with Venice Bakery’s dedication to artisanal baking techniques. Dr. Hirani’s reaction after her first bite convinced them that together they had discovered the perfect combination of ingredients, and it remains the secret recipe they use at Venice Bakery today.

Here are just a few of the things you can pick up from their website.

plain gluten free flatbreads 2 pack

We are really impressed with these pizza bases and flat breads. They are utterly delicious and you can make a top quality free from pizza with whatever topping you choose.

What about chicken and bacon? Or perhaps tomato and mozzarella with some basil? Brie and bacon works well on the flat breads and the smell that pours out of the oven is divine. Or what about this cheddar and red onion marmalade?

These products seriously liven up a free from diet … everyone will want to eat free from once they have tasted these!

They come well packaged with a good shelf life and are a reasonable price as well. 

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