Fuel for Mummy, baby and toddler

Busy mums on the go can find it hard to get the chance to eat sometimes. It is very easy to sort everyone else out and then remember half way through the day you’ve not eaten anything yet.

Fruit is great, you can grab an apple or banana or a few grapes quite easily if you are at home, but a banana left if your bag, car or office draw is not that great.

When weaning babies, fruit is also great and really important, but it does require some preparation. Fruit pouches used when out and about are one way to get around that.

For toddlers, again fruit intake is important and they might be happy to have a fruit pouch when out and about too. If you have time, a few strawberries or apple pieces chopped up and put in a tub are great but you might not always have time for that.

All the children have loved raisins at some point in time and they are so practical in the little boxes they come in BUT if you read the press and listen to the dentist raisins may as well be sugar coated haribos.

So what other options are there?


Freeze dried fruit ticks lots of boxes. We like Natur Boutique because it is organic and freeze dried as soon as it is picked. There are no added sugars or unnecessary additives or fats.

It comes in a resealable packet so it is perfect for being on the go with little people. There are four different varieties, although we like the banana and papaya the most.

Not only are these a great snack for adults, the are great for weaning babies because they melt in the mouth and are easy to hold. Toddlers love them because they are tasty and…well if everyone else is having them toddlers will always want them! Even the big kids don’t turn them down.

What is your favourite on-the-go fuel?

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