Fun Family Time: Octonauts Live

We love the theatre it is a great way to spend quality time as a family. There are some great live children’s shows around and Octonauts Live is no exception.

All the key characters are part of the live show which is now on the stage for the first time. All episodes of Octonauts are action packed with a new adventure and exciting mission, this live show is no exception as The Octonauts embark on their underwater mission “The Deep Sea Volcano Adventure”.
Octonauts logo

Children will instantly recognise their favourite characters from the show as they take to the stage. The costumes are stunning and very life like so little ones will be under no illusion that these guys are the real deal … making parents lives much easier! Just take a look below…of course these are the real Octonauts!

The section of the show when they do the deep sea dive uses puppets BUT unlike some shows this was very well done indeed. Whilst you might get a few questions from older children, little ones will be captivated.

There are some opportunities for audience participation and singing which keeps everyone on their toes and the show is a manageable length for restless toddlers.There is a short interval as well,long enough for a toilet trip and an ice cream!

Laughter and little giggles filled the theatre which showed how impressed all the little Octonauts fans were… we loved it when they sounded the “Octo Alert”!

Any regular readers of the blog will know that I have a huge problem with the overpriced balloons and general rubbish that is sold before, during and after shows like this and sadly this show was no different. 

If you can ignore that and just enjoy the show this would be one of my top pre-school picks for shows! Fabulous family fun!

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