Get crafty with your little disco divas

Do your daughters like to get crafty?

Do they like making and wearing pretty things?

This is one of my daughters’ favourite things to do. The making AND the wearing that is.She especially loves to make jewellry and enjoyed doing lots of this over half term.

There are some great kits on the market at the moment for this kind of activity and I always make sure we have a couple of these in during the holidays. These types of sets make great gifts for girls (and some boys if that’s what they enjoy) and are brilliant rainy day activities.

This set from Character’s CRA-Z-ART Range, – Shimmer n Sparkle Crystal Craze Gem Cuff Bracelets is quite impressive.

Your children can design and wear totally trendy sparkly cuff bracelets with the Crystal Craze Gem Cuff Bracelets. Glitz n glam a look with cool cuffs! Wear one or wear them all – love to layer! My daughter loves to do this and will often layer things like this….apparently all the cool kids are doing it! Ha Ha!

With this set you can make single, double or triple braided gem wristwear. The triples look really good in particular.

This set is aimed at girls aged 6+ which is about right. You might need to lend a hand depending on ability and age or girls might want to do this with their friends and help each other out.

The set makes five fashion bracelets. Simply Stick, wrap and snap. – Great fun! The colours are great and they have a great sparkle and what little girl doesn’t love a bit of sparkle?

The set is £14.99 which is reasonable although I would expect to be able to make a few more items for that cost.

Get your sparkle on but do keep this activity away from any tiny tots in the house!

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