Get outside more this winter

Having a garden gives you an outdoor space you can have fun with. You might watch the children play in it, throw a ball for the dog or just sit out and enjoy the fresh air, but many people feel that their garden goes unappreciated in the winter. It can feel much too cold to get out there and spend some time taking it all in. If you feel like you want to use your garden more in the winter, or at least look at it more, you can – you don’t have to ignore it until spring comes. Have a go at some of these suggested activities to make use of your outdoor space, even when it’s cold.

Use Outdoor Heaters

If you’re determined to spend some time outside, you don’t have to be cold. A lot of pubs now have outdoor heaters, particularly since the smoking ban came into effect. Why don’t you consider doing the same so that you can use your garden more often? You can use electric heaters to warm your patio, or you could consider other options. You can get gas heaters if you prefer a visible flame you can enjoy. A fire pit can create a wonderfully warm place to sit and sip on a mulled wine. Try lighting some lanterns too, which can give off lots of warming light.

Get a Conservatory

Some people enjoy looking at their garden in the winter, but that doesn’t mean they want to be out in it. If that sounds like you, you could consider installing a conservatory. Or if you already have one, you could insulate it to make it warmer. If you build your conservatory with a Guardian Warm Roof, you can use it all year. Instead of having a glass or perspex sheet roof, you can build a solid one with tiles. If you already have a conservatory, it’s easy to replace the existing roof with a new one, and, of course, you can heat up the room using whichever method you prefer.

Wrap Up and Go Out

Not everyone is afraid of a little cold. You can’t spend the winter months locked up inside, so why not get out and enjoy your garden? Get the children to wrap up warm and run around outside, especially when they’re bored of being cooped up indoors. Some years you might be lucky enough to get snow too. It’s essential to take the opportunity to get out and build a snowman or have a snowball fight and make some special memories.


Have a Winter Party

Who says garden parties are just for the summer? Your garden doesn’t go anywhere in the winter, so why not have a winter-themed party? You can warm up the space using heaters or a fire, and serve warming drinks like hot chocolate and mulled wine. Even your BBQ can get some use if it’s dry enough.

Your garden doesn’t have to be neglected during the winter months. Get outside and use it, or at least admire it from indoors.


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